Graze: A Healthy Snack Delivered to Your Door


Have you guys heard of Graze? I recently saw it on a Facebook advertisement and decided to check it out. Graze is a healthy snack that gets delivered to you every two weeks- it’s kind of like a Birch box.

You get sent new snacks to try every other week for six bucks a box! The best part is that they’re all natural and they all come in portion-controlled containers so they’re perfect for your on-the-go midday munchies!

Graze has over 90 different choices- from fruits to nuts to dippers, you’ll always have something to choose from. Then after you try them, you get to go online and rate which ones are your favorite so they can send you custom boxes that fit your taste buds.

I’m obsessed with these snacks in the mail, especially with this brutal winter we’re having. So stay warm and get nature delivered to your door. Oh! And you can use my promo code to get your 1st and 5th box free! “P6YW6QFQP” Enjoy snacking!!


Updated: 5/5/2014


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