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Meatless Meals for Amateurs

Every now and then I find a blog that relates well with my blog’s goal and “Fool Proof Vegetarian” definitely happens to be one of those blogs!

Are you trying start to eat clean by cutting meat from your diet but don’t really know where to start? Well “Fool Proof Vegetarian” should be your first stop because that’s exactly the purpose behind Valerie Martin’s blog.

Martin began being a vegetarian her freshman year of college, about three years ago, at University of Illinois at Chicago where she studies English. She made the decision to become a vegetarian because she likes knowing that no animals were harmed in the process of creating her meal. Also, she just all around feels better since not eating meat.

Martin said it was difficult at first because she was living in the dorms where the cafeteria doesn’t have many meat-less options. She said that she “still struggle[s] with finding recipes that are easy to follow and make without a lot of kitchen knowledge,” which is why she began her blog.

Martin wants to make the transition from a carnivore into an herbivore a piece of cake for her readers because it ultimately does lead to a healthier lifestyle, which you know we’re all about.

Martin realizes that vegetarian recipes are usually more difficult to prepare because they involve turning a side dish into a main dish, which calls for a little more creativity in the kitchen. She showcases recipes for people that have little kitchen knowledge by providing readers with specific cooking instructions that help lead to a delicious meal.

Martin concluded the interview with a simple message for readers- she’s here to help. “Whether you are a committed vegetarian, looking to cook more meat-free meals, or just need some recipes you can make without screwing up,” this is where you need to be.

Plus, since her meals are on the easier side they have fewer ingredients which means they’re cheaper! So check out “Fool Proof Vegetarian” and get on your way with healthy eating!