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Ring Around the Egg

So currently I am in finals and sadly haven’t really had time to go grocery shopping but I did happen to have a bell pepper and a few eggs in my fridge that needed some lovin’, so I gave it to them- well I guess they gave me the lovin’ because I’m quite satisfied!

For breakfast this morning I made eggs in bell pepper rings, which is actually incredibly easy to make and very filling while also being healthy and cheap! Eggs are just under $2 for a dozen and the pepper cost me $.99!


  1. Wash your pepper and make sure that bad-boy is nice and clean before eating it
  2. Cut your peppers into ½ inch rings and cut away the inner whites and seeds
  3. Crack an egg into a bowl so that you can easily pour the egg into the pepper; I used two eggs so I used two different bowls

Cooking the peppers:

  1. Coat skillet with cooking spray
  2. Add peppers to cook and brown lightly
  3. Add one egg to the middle of each pepper ring
  4. Cook on low heat until yolks firm and egg whites harden
  5. Plate the peppers and add salt and pepper and Bon Appetit!


Recipe idea and help from WikiHow



Buy What’s in Season this March

Saving money at organic grocery stores is already a difficult task. To keep the cost as low as possible you should look into what’s in season locally.

Supply and demand are in full swing when it comes to shopping in season in every realm of life, including food. Certain foods tend to be cheaper due to the abundance of crop that is produced during different seasons in the area.

You’ll pay about double for those strawberries right now then if you were to wait and buy some in the summertime. Plus when foods are in season they all around just taste better because they’re fresh as opposed to being picked last week and shipped through this disgusting cold.

Here is a calendar you can check out for what crops are in season for every month of the year in Illinois!

Shop smart, keep your fridge full and your wallet fat!


Updated: 5/5/2014