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Less Confused, Incredibly Inspired

Hungry, broke and confused, my college years leave me in need of some serious inspiration. As of now, I find that inspiration in Keara McGraw, a student at Columbia College Chicago. Though Keara commutes, holds two jobs and is a full time student, she has managed to create a website that tells the story of her life through artwork, vegan meals and more.

“My goal is for [Keara McGraw Creative] to serve as a storytelling hub for myself. More than just a personal portfolio, I want it to involve viewers on a deeper level, inviting them to experience what I’m passionate about as I create it! I want it to be a source of connection,” says McGraw of her hopes for her website. Once you visit, you see it is exactly what she has done.

McGraw (21) states that she has recently been learning so much about what’s important to her, and wants her site to reflect that. She decided to make a blog for her personal site so that those wishing to see her work could become involved with what she’s passionate about.

When you first go to KearaMcGrawCreative.com you read “I Believe in Creation with a Purpose”- how can that not inspire you? Although there are numerous aspects to her website, my favorite is the blog portion which is jam-packed with mouthwatering vegan recipes, alongside accompanying illustrations all done by McGraw.

McGraw has been a vegan for over a year now. Why? Initially it was to save money! As time carried on and her research continued, she saw that veganism allows her to tread as lightly as she can on the planet, which benefits all.

Becoming vegan has taught McGraw how to cook for herself, which is something I believe we all struggle with. In our interview McGraw jokes how her diet used to consist of cereal and macaroni- when putting in the microwave was “too laborious!” Now she can’t stop cooking, inspired by the planet around her.

McGraw’s hope for her blog is that readers will be inspired to give plant-based meals a try, seeing that they actually can be easy to prepare. When making a recipe, not only is she choosing nutrient-dense, plant-based food items, but with a few exceptions she tries to choose ingredients that most people may already have in their pantry, or can easily get access to.

She wants readers to connect with the story she’s telling, the visuals she’s offering and the recipe she’s sharing. I’m inspired by Keara McGraw Creative, take a look and you might be too!



Instagram: keara_mcgraw