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My Favorite Time of Year- Chicago Farmer’s Market Season!

This heinous winter is finally coming to an end, which means one of many things- Chicago Farmer’s Markets are officially in season!

Farmer’s markets are outdoor markets that are held so that farmers can sell their fresh produce to local communities. With so many food options these days, choosing to support your local farmers is your best choice. You get fresh, normally organic, produce that’s at its peak ripeness while giving your hard earned cash to someone who truly cares about sustainable food.

As farmer’s markets take off, the variety of produce that they carry does too. You can go to the market and try fruits and vegetables that you’ve never heard of and the farmers can offer input on how to prepare those produce!

Along with the variety, the quality of the food is much greater than those found in supermarkets. Farmers usually pride themselves at markets of their organically grown, nutrient-dense produce- and they should!

Since the food that they pick was only harvested a short distance away (usually just goes from the farm, to the market, to your table), you get the most fresh in-season ingredients to use in your dishes!

A huge factor that I support farmer’s markets is because they sustain the environment while also keeping my wallet balanced, which is hard to find in any other grocery outlet.

Most of our food is flown or has to travel great distances to get to our grocery stores. So, when buying locally you’re conserving energy and making your footprint on this world a little less large and harmful.

Although not all farmer’s markets are dirt cheap, you are getting more bang for your buck. Since the food is fresh and not shriveled up on a shelf, you’re getting fuller food for equal or lesser value than you would at other grocery outlets.

In Chicago you can find numerous farmer’s markets. Starting with my favorite, Green City Market (open now), to the Daley Plaza (starting May 15) to Logan Square (starting May 18).

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What is Clean Eating?

It’s come to my attention that I haven’t really given you guys a definition of what I mean when I say this is a clean eating blog and I’d like to apologize for that!

So here we go:

Clean eating is hands down one of the best gifts you can give yourself. What I mean when I say that this blog is about clean eating is that it is focused on creating a diet that focuses on eating whole, healthy and fresh foods. I try to stay away from processed foods and if I look at a label and can’t pronounce what is in the ingredients I don’t buy it.

The focus is not to lose weight but to improve health. The majority of my diet is plant based along with grains and sometimes I’ll even indulge in meats but only if it’s completely organic!

I try, and want to emphasize the importance, to eat the rainbow everyday. The only things I count are colors, never calories. And I don’t punish myself or skip meals for occasionally over indulging in something delicious. Because let’s face it, I LOVE food and I’m sure you guys do too!

The benefits of eating clean are endless. Your energy levels will sky rocket and your body and skin will thank you almost immediately that you won’t want to eat anything that isn’t clean. The phrase “you are what you eat” is very much the truth.

Clean eating can be a bit overwhelming at first and you don’t need to jump in headfirst. Baby steps are better than no steps at all! So let’s get healthy the right way together!